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To offer accesible , affordable and high quality medical , nursing and midwifery training onsite /online and international students exchange programs to meet the labour market in uganda and globally

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LIHS was founded by Directors of Luziibangi foundation , a charity organisation that focuses on healthier livelihood of women and children , expanding the capacity of mid-level health care workers and access to quality health Nutrition and population

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Uganda: Establish a multipurpose hub for midwifery and nursing training, research and service delivery .


To contribute to development of a relevant and quality skilled midwifery and nursing workforce to meet labor market in Uganda and the East African region.
To provide high quality, competitive and skilled workforce in the EAC for social and economic development.


To acquire and carry on the business of health training, service delivery and any business rising out of or in connection with any of such services.

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Certificate in Nursing (CNS )

Certificate in Nursing (CNS ) Course - 2023

Certificate in Midwifery (CMS )

Certificate in Midwifery Course - 2023

Diploma in Midwifery

Diploma in Midwifery - 2023

Diploma in Nursing

Diploma in Nursing - 2023

Certificate in Infection Control and Prevention

8 Weeks
July - August

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Use of Video Technlogy to strengthen Capacity of mid-level health care providers

Thursday, Jan 27, 2023 - 13:28

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Infection control and prevention (IPC) strategies

Thursday, Jan 27, 2023 - 13:28

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Advocacy Video Studio (LFL)

Thursday, Jan 27, 2023 - 13:28

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Donate to educate a nurse in Infection Control and Prevention

We aim to educate 300 nurses and midwives, empowering them to respond to growing risk of the spread of infectious diseases, HAI, and increasing resistance to antibiotics at primary, secondary and tertiary care levels. Join us to raise funds