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• We are committed to expanding higher education in nursing and midwifery at local/international levels, promote use of technology to enhance skills and specialization in nursing and midwifery, work on International Student/teacher Exchange, integrate online video health education and blended online short and long distance health courses.

• LIHS will strengthen research and service delivery to improve universal access to integrated SRHR and PHC. Between 2023 and 2028, LIHS will anchor Technical Assistance around health, population and Nutrition transformations to provide impactful and sustainable solutions.

• LIHS will write proposals and mobilize external and domestic resources for training midlevel health care providers to build a critical mass to serve in hard to reach districts of Greater Mubende, developing a model for capacity-building that can be scaled up to improve the continent’s most pressing human resource crisis, generating scientific knowledge, leadership and accountability.

• LIHS will engage with funders, policy makers, communities, and other stakeholders, and to serve as mentors and supervisors for the next generation of nurses/midwives educators, practitioners and researchers in Africa. Our approach is enabling interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, building and reinforcing environments that are conducive for nursing and midwifery scientists to thrive and produce quality research that generates new, locally relevant knowledge, advocacy and evidence-based policy-making mechanisms.

• Our programs are designed to responding to the needs with interventions addressing health, nutrition, education for most disadvantaged people in the country. We shall contribute to the provision of quality education.

• LIHS's main source of income will be termly tuition paid before the School opens for a new Semester. The charges are to based on loads of factors including the curriculum offered, location and extra-curricular activities.

• The other sources include sale of uniforms, Academic Research Work, Online Video Education, Online Platform Courses and International Students Exchange Programs.

• The proposed fees/tuition will be about 500$ per semester for certificate programs, 900$ for diploma programs, and 1200$ for degree programs. Other sources of income will include online videos for training, sale of uniforms, online short courses, international students exchange, research/consultancy work
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