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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


Uganda: Establish a multipurpose hub for midwifery and nursing training, research and service delivery.


To contribute to development of a relevant and quality skilled midwifery and nursing workforce to meet labor market in Uganda and the East African region. To provide high quality, competitive and skilled workforce in the EAC for social and economic development.


i. To acquire and carry on the business of health training, service delivery and any business rising out of or in connection with any of such services.

ii. To start tertiary health training institutions that will integrate research and health service care delivery to the hard-to-reach communities.

iii. To train midwives/nurses at certificate, diploma, degree, postgraduate levels to provide advanced and evidence based (preventive, curative, promotional and rehabilitative) quality midwifery services at all levels of the health care system to individuals, families and communities, and serve as midwife's educators and mentors.

iv. To train hard-to reach community members in comprehensive nursing, public health, nutrition and other health related programs who will in turn provide services in these areas.

v. Partner with other degrees awarding institutions to broaden access to variety of training programs using both online and onsite approaches.

vi. Establish and maintain long-term, sustainable, mutually-transformative partnerships

vii. Leverage multi-tech campus, collaborations with Ministry of education and sports, , districts to that each benefits the other

viii. Provide seamless support between and among student service areas (including advising, tutoring, counselling, etc.), productively involving both staff and faculty in these areas

ix. Expand into new, relevant programming areas connect systematically with related initiatives on campus (on site education, distance education, assessment, certificate, and diploma and later on undergraduate and graduate research, etc.)

x. Collaborate with faculty, staff, students, community members, and programs engaged in related forms of experiential, community-based teaching, learning, scholarship, thereby helping to strengthen such efforts and generating new models for effective curricular engagement across a range of venues (e.g., internships, undergraduate research, learning communities, etc.)

xi. Garner external funding in support of the teaching, learning, and scholarship activities associated with curricular engagement
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