Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations


Our Lecture Theatres are well spaced and large enough to comfortably cater to all our learners and are located within our campuses.

Our library has a compilation of resources with various collections of text books and journals in nursing, midwifery practice, advanced practice, research, and education that are related to the fields of study. A Resource Center and e-Library services for easy access are also available.

Our skills lab is designed to a learner’s satisfaction to provide our students with the hands on practice or skill-based training for the practice of clinical skills prior to their real life application in a conducive environment with ready and committed tutors to help guide and train our learners. With equipments like anatomical models, Nurse training dolls,resuscitation, Catheterization trainers, Eva Pelvic training Manikin equipments to mention a few.

We have a fully equipped laboratory to help our learners acquire the necessary laboratory skills so as to attain competence and confidence in providing quality healthcare services. REGISTRATION NAMES: Make sure that the names you use for registration at LIHS are the same names that appear on all your academic documents like O’ LEVEL results slip/ certificate, A’ level certificate, diploma and on all other relevant documents.

Be aware that cases of impersonation, falsification of documents/ information, fraudulent access or giving of incomplete or false information either at registration or afterwards will lead to automatic annulment of your admission or even dismissal from LIHS, revocation of awards where applicable and prosecution in the courts of law.

We have a well, trained, experienced and professional team of tutors, non-staff members to ensure that our learners are fully trained and equipped with the desired skills and values required for the job market and in their daily lives.

At LIHS residences, a balanced diet including breakfast, lunch and supper is to be provided to our students. We also have a safe cafeteria with a professional team to cater for all your needs. DISCIPLINE: Is paramount at LIHS and strict regulations have been put in place to keep our learners in check. (Refer to rules booklet).

LIHS has residence accommodation available for both male and female students. At LIHS hostels a student is guaranteed of safety, clean water, meals, electricity, Wi-Fi etc. Make your reservation now.

We guarantee uninterrupted free and fast Wi-Fi internet access (Fiber internet) at LIHS. Students and staff will freely and easily connect to internet using their laptops, PCs and hand held devices like smart phones. Contact the schooladministrator for the password.

Our residences are equipped with Dstv and other entertainment facilities to give students a balance between life and studies.

We have a team of trained, professional and fully equipped security personnels who are in charge of your security and safety.

We are pleased to share that Mityana General Hospital and Mubende Regional Referral Hospital gave us permission to take their our students for practical placement. Transport to these hospitals is to be provided for by LIHS.

Smartness, uniqueness, decency and professionalism are nucleus values at LIHS. Our students are therefore required to put on a full school uniform (as per professional guidance) during class and at practicum sites. Learners are also advised to dress decently even after school hours. (Refer to school rules booklet)

We are an institution that values and respects all religious affiliations so regardless of the religion you belong to you are to be catered for. Catholics will be able to access Kiyinda-Mityana diocese, Protestants or Anglicans can access St. Apollo Kivebulaya church a few metres from our campus, Muslims are to make use of the 2 available mosques located a few metres from LIHS and born agains can also access their churches in town.

At LIHS, we are totally against sexual harassment, the constitution of the Republic of Uganda guarantees all Ugandans’ equality, dignity and non- discrimination. LIHS is therefore committed to creating a favorable, descent, respectful environment that understands values and protects the rights of all its learners, staff whether male or female and reaffirms its zero tolerance to sexual harassment.
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